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PostSubject: Rules Linkshell   Rules Linkshell Icon_minitimeThu 31 Dec - 4:55


We go Dynamis every Wednesday and Saturday:

2 PM EST (USA East Time)
8 PM GMT +1/+2 (Italy - France - Germany Time)

And we inside 30 min after,
but need ready when gather together for invite alliance and select job


Points = 1 points for gather togheter + mega boss and 1 other for end run.

Got presence only if make full run.

-AF 71-72-73 = Free lot (City)

-AF 74-75 = 15 Free lot but can choice use points for got prior ( need say on ls before cast lot ) (Iceland)

-AF 70 (accesory) = 15 Point (CoP)

-AF -1 = 15 Point (CoP)

-100's Bills = 15 Point ( 100's if no 1 member use point and lot it,
LinkShell will lot and split )

-100's = 25 Point (Ordelles and Tukuku) ( 100's if no 1 member use point and lot it, LinkShell will lot and split)

-Hydra = 15 Point (Dynamis-Tavnazia)

-Shadow item = 35 Point (Dynamis Lord) . Leader give name ppl who lot on this NM , regard on attendance, attitude, jobs,...

all items craft and Wootz ore auto drop.

Item for relic weapon (Attestation & Animated) we will fight only if any member upgrade relic.

Priority Lot:

- Who use point with Job can equip 74+ and have normal AF (this only for -1 item)
- Who use point with Job can equip 74+
- Free lot for everyone.

Ps. If have -1, but without normal
(normal can equip, -1 can't)
don't have priority.

Who reaches 75 point,
obtain Jolly ( Joker )
can use only 1 time,
and have esclusivity lot.
Example if have 80 point,
but obtain AF ice and use 15 point without Jolly:
lose Jolly,
but next 10 point obtain again.
If use Jolly and obtain,
lose Jolly for always!
If 2 member use it,
lose only who win lot.
Good for veteran member without much AF!

Can buy Jolly too after got first only and wait 3 month !

price New Jolly ( geek ) = 50 points + 75 presences.

For buy new jolly need post on forum , you want buy 1 run in advance. and for next run you can solo prior on 1 AF and no pay more points ( you have pay 50 points for Jolly + 75 presences )

This system reward ppl who come regulary and help him for get rare AF same TH4, RDM Hat, SMN Horn or others before others ppl...


In List Point you can see your status,

-who miss 1 run and dont post absences 24H before cant lot next run. (yellow color)

-who miss 2 run or + and dont post absences 24H before cant lot same number run he miss... ( red color ) if too much miss , points are reset and account delete... need reapply if want back.

-who skip run and go others activity on FF in dynamis time are kicked out ls. (Event Mandatory)

-each run missed or ppl want leave shell or stop FF need post on forum... its the minimum respect for others members shell.


-never start drama on shell or forum or other! if problem tell me only...
its friend-family/ linkshell.

free lot everyone can lot,

-need minimum 8 presences/month for lot items drop Dynamis Lord

If you have any question PM me.
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Rules Linkshell
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